Michael Gavin (IRL)


Michael Gevin I was born and raised on a farm so dogs were always part of my life. We mostly had working and hunting dogs. I got my first wire fox terrier in 1968 as a pet. After visiting some local dog shows it soon developed into a hobby and I began showing wire fox terriers in the early 1`970’s. Over the years we added Afghan hounds, Smooth fox terriers and Lakeland terriers. We’ve had several champions in all of the above breeds. I started judging in 1981 and under FCI rules I now judge groups 3,4,5,6 and 10. I have been involved in the Irish Fox Terrier Club for many years in various positions. I am honoured to currently hold the position of President. We are very proud of our club as it is the oldest club in Ireland. It was formed in 1880.
Michael Gavin