Juha Palossari

Juha Palosaari My first show dog was born in 1977 and it happened to be a basenji male. At the time I was 13 years old.  Later on I found it quite boring not to be able to do anything with the coat and at shows I kept admiring various breeds and their grooming and preparation to get ready for the ring. I also wanted  to learn about grooming different breeds! I spent some summer holidays abroad and in Finland at different kennels learning to groom spaniels, poodles and terriers etc.All the basics and a lot more about fox terriers I learned at the Bismarckquelle kennel and finally got my first bitch from them about 30 years ago. At that time it was not as easy as now because she had to spend 4 months in a quarantine kennel. I was very happy and proud to get my own foundation bitch and finally I could even breed my own litters! She won many Best in Shows and produced well. Soon I imported a Swedish dog from Gudrun Düring, kennel Goldfighter’s. She became like a “dog world mother“ for me and that’s how everything started and I got my prefix Starring. Later I also had some dogs from America and had a lot of co-operation with Ric Chashoudian. He also had dogs from me and I learned a great deal from him too. I could continue this list much longer and I can say that I have been very fortunate to have learned to know all these wonderful people who have made it possible to be a part of this great wold of fox terriers.